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Are you experiencing Car/ Truck Problems?  We want to help you out with all your Vehicular needs.  Look at the detailed list below to find what section your symptoms belong to.  If you are wanting to book your vehicle in today for new service, returning customer, or for warranty work, be sure to let us know in your Inquiry for service Form here.

If you are new to Grease Monkey Garage, please pick out a category where your vehicle is having problems.  Let us know the category when filling out and sending your Inquiry.  Our turn around Response time is daily.  Talk To You Soon



Is your vehicle making odd noises?  Running differently? Performance has decreased or fuel economy?  Whatever you may have in question, We will have an answer for you. We only use OEM or recommended replacement parts for every job.  Get a diagnosis and we will inform you fully of all your cars whereabouts.


A lot of your possible mechanical problems can be overmatched by regular vehicle maintenance.  A list of services we handle regularly would be


Engine Oil Service, Transmission Oil Service Replacing Belts & Hoses, Spark Plugs & Coils, Engine Air Filter & Cabin Filter Swap, Fuel Filters and Fuel System Service. 



Nobody likes when you go to use an accessory in your vehicle and it doesn't work or doesn't work right.  There are many different scenarios where electrical issues can inhibit operations in a car or truck and can cause a stem of problems.  Lets get down to the root of the issue and get your repairs done right.


This is where you need to be if you are needing any of the following 


 Computer Flashings, Circuit Repairs, Power Windows, Power Seats, Headlight & Taillight circuits, Cruise Control, Electrical Shorts, Harness Damage, Instrument Cluster acting up, Radio and other on board electrical systems.



Not to bring bad news, but sometimes motors can encounter mechanical issues that cause internal & physical damage to those internal components.  We have decades experience rebuilding and repairing an assortment of different makes and models of motors.  Everything from European, Asian, Domestic and performance vehicles.  Don't worry though, because we also offer remanned and warranted Engines for replacements as well.  Lets see what your options are. 



Did you miss your shift?  Clutch Components are worn out or not properly engaging?  Yeah, these parts wear out in a similar fashion that brakes wear out.  They just take longer to wear.  Irregular use can speed up the life of your Clutch.  These parts have to be replaced in large gaps usually.  Get the most out of your manual vehicle and shoot for buttery shifts.  Weak pedal?   We have solutions for this too.  Get in touch with our team and get scheduled today.



If when you brake, it is anything less than smooth & quiet, there may be an issue.  YOUR BRAKES are the most important part of the whole car.  Having the ability to stop your car and safely, means ensuring your brakes are working optimally.  If its been a long while since you ever had to do your brakes or you are starting to experience soft pedal, shuddering, uneven braking, shaking, or flat outdoor stopablility, Then you need to reach to us so We can STOP the problem together.

These service items can include Brake Pads or Shoes, Drums and Rotors, Master cylinder, brake lines, power brake booster, ABS diagnoses & Repairs, Wheel Bearings, Cv Joints & axles, Differential Repair & Driveshaft service, Wheel alignment and Balancing, and Power steering system services.



Face it, We are hot or cold, but being able to pick and choose depending on the season when you are riding around in your ride, Lets make sure The AC works when its hot out, Just as well as, the Heat working when its freezing. 

Here are a couple of things that we have a look at - AC Evacuation & recharging, Heater Service, Heater Core Replacement, Heater Hoses, Thermostat, Climate Control Interface and other systems, Evapoator, Condenser, Drier and other Service Kit items.



During our Summer seasons in Las Vegas, it is very important to keep an eye on your vehicles instrumentation and make sure your engine is running at optimal temperature.  Encountering an over heating issue can be trouble, but usually can be prevented with proper oversight.  All of our customers have a 60+ multi inspection performed to catch things before they have a chance to happen.  

Some other cooling related services may entail Radiator Replacement, Cooling system pressure checks, water pumps and thermostats, Coolant system flush, Cylinder head Repair / Replacement and hoses.



We fill our cars and trucks up on a regular basis.  Did you know that there are certain components that filter the fuel for the engine and that overtime contaminates can continue to build up and affect other fuel delivery parts.  Lets be sure that your vehicle is performing at its best and is able to provide the best fuel economy.

These services would include Engine performance diagnostics, Electrical ignition, Fuel Injection, Emission system, Fuel Pump and related components, Vacuum Leaks, and cleaning services, Timing Chain or Belt replacement, Fluid Leak Repairs, and we work with Nationwide Warranty Companies.



Your transmission is responsible for literally moving you forward or backwards.  If there is any scenario where your transmission isn't shifting right, or even feels like it is slipping or sluggish, there may be an issue needed to be addressed.  Again, Regular vehicle maintenance at Manufacture service intervals are always the best guideline to follow to get the most life out of your car or truck.  

We offer Transmission repair & Replacement.  We can diagnose your issues and supply you with the best options available. 



Now it isn't often your suspension needs to be addressed, however, it is fully responsible for a comfortable ride.  When you are hearing thuds when turning or stopping, there is a chance there are some worn out components that need to be replaced.  Not only is your suspension responsible for a quality ride, but when it is in the correct condition, braking performes at its best as well as turning which can be absolute in an emergency situation. 

Contact our team today and ask about our multipoint once over and have your vehicle checked out the right the way. 



It is called an accident for a reason.  Though it can be a scary thing to have to go through, Grease Monkey Garage has your support.  We offer Collision Repairs and work with all major insurance.  Our professionals are here on stand by to bring your vehicle back up to speed and get you back on the road.  We offer rentals and work in a very timely manner to ensure you don't miss a beat.  

Contact us today and let us see what it is going to take to get you back on the road. 

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