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Top Tips for Maintaining Your Car in Winter

If you aren't familiar with the fundamentals, caring for your automobile might be difficult. When you add in the winter season, the task may quickly become a challenge. If not adequately covered against winter elements, several parts such as the paint, tires, and engine might be damaged. Winter circumstances put a strain on your battery, regardless of what kind of car you have or what sort of battery you have. Taking a few simple procedures advised by experts will help your car perform at its best and keep you safe when driving in the winter or anytime for that matter.

You Can Follow A Few Tips To Winterize Your Car For The Cold Season:

Check And Fix Your Car’s Lights

The fact that the days are shorter than the nights and it becomes dark earlier in the winter is one of the most dangerous aspects of driving. As a result, your vehicle's lights should be in excellent condition. For your safety and the safety of other motorists, you want your car's headlights and fog lights to provide the best possible lighting for the road.

Check And Replace Your Engine Oil If Needed

If you haven't changed your engine oil in a while, now is the time. When the temperature is low, oil has a particular capacity to thicken. This makes starting the engine more difficult since it will take an exceptionally long time for the oil to circulate throughout the engine. That's why you should get your engine oil changed and your motor filter updated even before the cold months arrive.

Check Your Battery

Before your vehicle starts up, your car battery must undertake the basic work of igniting the different electronic circuits. Batteries have odd behavior in the winter when they don't always work as well as they should. Make careful inspection to verify the battery's capacity.

Check Your Windows & Other Glass Fixtures For Cracks

Small cracks can form inadvertently on windows and vehicle lights over time, especially when exposed to extremes of weather. Even if cracks are minor, temperature dips can exacerbate them. Pay special attention to them and get them corrected as soon as possible.

Always Keep Your Fuel Tank Full

Moisture that has been collected in the fuel pump will not freeze if your fuel tank is kept full.

How To Improve The Fuel Efficiency Of Your Car

Fuel economy has become a popular subject as fuel costs rise with each passing day, even hitting record highs. People have even begun to contemplate switching to smaller automobiles that have better gas mileage to avoid burning a hole in their wallets. While it is true that a larger automobile consumes more gas due to its larger engine, there are a number of hacks that involve little work and may significantly improve a car's fuel economy. Here are some suggestions for improving your vehicle's fuel efficiency especially for the winter months.

Always Drive in The Right Gear

The most simple approach to enhance your car's efficiency is to drive in the appropriate gear for the vehicle's speed and not to rev it until the RPM meter reaches the top. Another helpful suggestion is to shift up as soon as possible because a car burns more gasoline when accelerating in lower ratios. Of course, this mainly pertains to manual stick shift operated vehicles which is about 18% of American drivers. Still that’s a lot of people.

Keep It Light

This can be a significant impediment to your car's mileage. It is wise to check your back seats and trunk to make sure there isn’t any unnecessary heavy stuff you are just constantly hauling around for no reason. By keeping your car driving light it will save on gas.

Maintain Optimal Tire Pressure at All Times

Maintaining the proper pressure on your tires may significantly improve your car's fuel economy. When tire pressure is low, there is more friction between the rubber of the tires and the road, resulting in a reduction in mileage. On the other side, when tire pressure is higher than necessary, fuel efficiency improves, but at the expense of tire grip and ability.

So how does the cold weather affect my tire pressure? Tire pressure can decrease about 1 PSI (pounds per square inch) for every 10 degrees the temperature drops. It's not due to air escaping, but rather the air inside the tire condensing. Once it does that, it takes up less space inside the tire.

Roll Up Those Windows

Although it may appear that this is an unusual cause for a car's fuel economy to decrease, aerodynamics play a significant influence in fuel efficiency improvement. Rolling down the windows helps to deplete the gasoline tank at higher speeds. Even opening the windows and turning on the air conditioner might help you save money on gas. Obviously, this is more towards the summer time since not too many will roll down windows in the winter.

Keep Your Filters Clean

Always keep your air filters, oil filters, and fuel filters updated and in excellent working order since these components assist the engine function at optimal mechanical efficiency, which improves mileage.

Find A Trustworthy Auto Care Center And Experienced Car Mechanic

Many people are faced with the decision of where to take their car for repairs. The fact that there are so many service centers and auto repair shops in the Las Vegas valley further adds to the difficulty. Finding a reliable mechanic is extremely important for automobile owners. A car is a long-term investment, and each car owner wants his vehicle to last as long as feasible. Just like most people who want to have a good doctor, lawyer, or accountant, it is just as important to have a reliable and knowledgeable auto repair shop to trust.

About Grease Monkey Garage

We are a family-owned and operated auto repair shop. We provide cutting-edge service and high-quality vehicle repair to all of Las Vegas. We are glad to work with customers from all across the valley from our location on the north end of Vegas. Our qualified technicians and knowledgeable employees take great pleasure in offering dependable and honest services.

From the time you come through our doors, you can expect to be treated with respect. On the internet and over the phone, we strive for quick responses. This guarantees that all of our clients' queries are handled, as well as job scheduling and organization. Everyone's time is valuable to us. We are dedicated to winning your confidence and business. Allow us to cater to your specific automobile requirements. Whether its winter or summer time, can by and see us. We would love to meet you and take good care of servicing your vehicle.

Don't wait another minute, call Grease Monkey Garage today for experienced auto repair & maintenance services in Las Vegas & North Las Vegas at 702-478-7881 and in Henderson at 702-478-7027.

Tony & Bella- Owners Grease Monkey Garage

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