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Signs That Your Car Needs a Tune Up

To diagnose the problem, a mechanic should ask you what you observe that makes you

think your vehicle may not be running well, and explain what seems to be the problem. Just as a doctor should ask you what symptoms are bothering you, a mechanic should try to diagnose the problem by asking what you observe that makes you think your vehicle may not be running well. And just as a doctor may recommend some tests, a mechanic may also offer them.

The tune-up process can be expedited if you are able to describe what is happening, such as whether the car hesitates when the engine is cold or when passing at highway speeds, and whether it makes any sounds or not during these times. Perhaps you are feeling a vibration, shaking, stalling, bad fuel mileage, overheating, etc.

But what are the main signs that most mechanics are looking for? The majority of auto repair experts share some signs below that tell you that your car is probably in need of a tune-up:

Misfiring Engine

If you hear a miss or a loss of power, you likely need a tune-up. This could be caused by a problem with your spark plugs, fuel injectors, or carburetor. An ignition check is a simple way a mechanic can check your timing and make sure it is correct.

There are several ways to miss fire, including improper timing, a dirty spark plug, or a bad spark plug wire. They will make sure your spark plugs are in the correct firing order and that they are not dirty or corroded. He will clean them and check the plug wires.

Dirty Engine Air Filter

If the air filter is dirty, fuel efficiency will decrease. A dirty air filter can also cause the engine to miss. If the air filter is clogged, your engine will run rich, which means it will not get the proper amount of oxygen. When this happens, the exhaust will smell like a mixture of old oil and fuel.

An engine that runs rich will also spit black and white smoke! The reason it is grey and white is that the white smoke contains steam and the grey smoke contains oil.

Old Oxygen Sensor

If the oxygen sensor has failed, the engine will not get the proper amount of oxygen. This could also cause it to miss. Oxygen sensors also control fuel systems by sending a signal to the fuel injector that tells it whether or not to inject the proper amount of fuel. It also controls the amount of fuel that is injected. If your oxygen sensor is not working as it should, then it's certainly time to take your vehicle to the certified mechanic.

Illuminated Check Engine Light Signals

If you have the check engine light on, it's time to visit your mechanic. It may be a problem with the oxygen sensor, or perhaps a problem with the computer system or just a loose gas cap. You can check the expiration date on the gas cap and make sure it is not expired. That said, it's still better to have your mechanic look over everything.

The fuel injectors could be faulty, or the fuel pump itself could be failing. There are also several other causes of the check engine light, but your mechanic will need to diagnose them.


There are many reasons to have a tune-up. The longer you wait to have your vehicle tuned, the more you may spend on repairs. It's better to prevent damage than to have your vehicle break down, and tune-ups are an easy way to prevent damage to your car. The best way to do that is take your car to a qualified garage for auto service.

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