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5 Warning Signs That You Need New Brakes

It is critical to have brakes that are in good working order and are in good condition in order to be safe on the road. But how many drivers can recognize when their braking system is failing before it's too late? You don't have to be clueless about this important aspect of safe driving. Here are five important warning signals that your brakes are failing. If you detect any of these symptoms, you should get your brake system inspected by a professional.

1. Thin Brake Pads

Examine your brake pads by looking through the gaps in your wheels. The outer brake pad should be pressed on the metal rotor by at least 1/4 inch. If there's more than a quarter-inch, you'll be alright. If it's less than that, it's critical to get your car to an auto repair shop before the rotor is damaged or, worse, you have brake failure while driving.

2. Loud Noises

Turn your radio system down and pay attention to any sound you hear before approaching a stop sign or a stoplight at an intersection. When your pads get too thin, manufacturers attach a thin metal shim (a strip of metal) that begins to generate a sound. If you hear a high-pitched screeching sound when you apply the brakes, your brakes are most certainly in need of repair.

If you have disregarded this sound or missed it due to a loud radio, the next noise you hear is an even stronger indication that you need to remedy something as soon as possible. If the problem has progressed this far, you will hear a grinding sound and a grinding feeling under your foot when you use the brakes. This indicates that the brake pads are entirely worn out. As a result, your wheel rotors scrape against the remaining brake pads. Attempting to drive a car in this state is very risky, so if this happens to you, bring your automobile to an auto repair facility immediately.

3. Warning Lights

When you're busy or in a hurry, it's easy to overlook a warning light on your dashboard. However, by delaying the problem rather than dealing with it, you may be jeopardizing the safety of your vehicle, your life, and the drivers around you. When your anti-lock braking system (ABS) light comes on, don't wait. This dashboard indicator indicates when your vehicle's brake fluid is low. This means that there is a leak somewhere, which is simple to remedy if discovered early enough. However, if a leak remains unchecked for an extended period of time, your car's brakes may cease working totally.

4. A Loose Pedal

If you press down on the brake pedal and it goes down much easier than normal, it might indicate a brake fluid leak or air in the brake lines. In any case, it's critical to get your brakes inspected so that your technician can diagnose and remedy the issue. You may notice that the brake pedal stiffens up after braking and experiencing a loose pedal. This is also a sign that something is wrong with your braking system, and it's time to take your car in for service.

5. Abnormal Vibrating

If your automobile vibrates while you're driving, it doesn't always imply there's a problem with its safety. When you hit the brakes, however, your entire automobile shimmies and rattles, there might be a significant problem. The rotors may be misaligned or distorted as a result of earlier braking problems. The brake pads may be worn or the guide pins may be dry. In any event, a car that vibrates excessively when braking is a dangerous indicator that has to be rectified for your safety and the longevity of your vehicle.

We can definitely assist you if you see any of these warning flags. Schedule an appointment or come in today and let us assist you to figure out what's wrong with your car so you can get back on the road safely.

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