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Maintenance is more than just paying attention to your vehicles instruments for possible problems. Don’t wait till there is an issue to get your car into a shop. It is our goal to not only inform our customers of what condition their vehicles are in, but to educate them on what to look out for and what to be on top of to ensure they will be on the road stress free.

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      Tune Up & Brakes


Everyone uses their Brakes.  If they Squeak or Grind, that is NOT normal.  See one of our specialists today to see what your vehicle is trying to tell you.  Your brakes are the most important part of the Car. Next time your Oil(s) are changed, per our inspection, You will be notified when you will need brakes next.

As we use our Vehicles, things are naturally going to wear out over time and become weaker.  It is important to keep the integrity of your engine and drive systems. The fluids, Filters, and other maintenance should be done at regular interval times to ensure optimal performance. 


If you drive for UBER or for Lyft we have GREAT news for you. This is to our customers that use their vehicles for business.  We know you being able to be on the road, means making money.  So we offer specials just for you!  Same amazing service and satisfaction at a discounted rate when you join our Grease Monkey "Road to Success " Program. ​

The Program: When you sign up to be apart of the "Road to Success" program, we discount more than regular services your car will see sooner than the average driver. This means spending less on maintenance and staying on the road longer. We communicate monthly with our members and share promos for events, deals, and other helpful informs. 


As the wheels go round n' Round they will wear out.  As per our inspection that every vehicle undergoes, you will be notified the condition of your tires.  The suspension naturally is also checked to backup the visuals of tire wear.  This goes for Steering components and other damper designs whether on car or truck. 

If your vehicle doesn't drive like an arrow down the road, and it wonders, Chances are you may need an alignment.  Get checked out today by our great Techs.

We document all of our customers repair data so we can stay on top of warranties with Tires and Warrantied Parts.

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